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Vietnam visa on arrival

Vietnam visa on arrival

Vietnam visa on arrival – Why is it popular for travelers?
Visa is the first factor that the visitors have to handle before preparing other services for the tours in any countries. In Vietnam, there are 2 official ways to apply a Vietnam visa, one is to apply online (Visa on arrival) and the other way is to apply at Vietnamese embassy or consulate in the country where you are staying. This article is written to explain why visa on arrival (VOA) is widely used among foreign travelers.

Advantages of VOA which are recognized by millions of users:
Vietnam visa online

  • Convenience: The process of applying VOA can be done at anywhere via email with a computer, smart phone or tablet connected to the Internet and the applicants do not need to send off the passport or any other documents.
  • Time saving: Normally 2-3 working-days are required for visa processing. In urgent cases, you can get the visa result within 4-8 working-hours.
  • Simple and transparent procedure: There are 2 steps to get the visa. The first step is to apply online to get the visa letter. With this letter, the client will be allowed to get on board and fly to Vietnam. The second step is to get the visa stamp upon the arrival airport at Immigration Checking Point.
  • Fixed fees: There are 2 compulsory fees related to VOA: The processing fee paid online and the stamping fee paid directly to get the visa stamp at the arrival airport.
  • Chinese, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan passport holders who depart from these countries, can get visa on arrival easily

However, some drawbacks that make applicants reluctant using this type of visa such as:

  • It does not apply to all entry borders or all citizens, you have to apply visa at the Embassy with following cases:
  • + If you travel to Vietnam by land or sea since VOA is available for travel by air only;
  • + Some special countries that you should check carefully before applying.
  • The stamping process at the arrival airport can be slow. In the high season, usually from October to April, it might take one hour or even longer if the clients are stuck behind a large tour group. A suggested solution for this problem is assistance service which is being offered by some companies. The service will save your time with this step.

In summary, the interest in VOA is growing up day by day despite the disadvantages. The hot trend is always attractive, why don’t you try it and see how it is work?

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impressive points in Danang

impressive points in Danang

Only impressive 10 points in Danang
Da Nang is the young city located in central Vietnam, let’s explore the impressive only in Danang where you can easily see when there is a journey to the city “central heart” this.

  1. Palace heritage trail Da Nang / Hue – Thien Duong – Phong Nha
    Da Nang to the central location of the Central bridge has become the world’s cultural heritage into one body. Only 30km from Da Nang, Hoi An Ancient Town ready to welcome visitors from everywhere. And also, just that much distance to travel from Hoi An to My Son Sanctuary, taciturn, mysterious. Reaching out far more about 100km north, visitors were able to get to the city and Hue royal court music. Not only is the center of three world heritage city of Da Nang has many beautiful landscapes that visitors can hardly forget after visiting this city.
    There will be a little difficult if visitors want to explore are the Phong Nha – Ke Bang, but with Da Nang international airport, the North-South railway, and numerous travel companies as well as resorts and hotels in Da Nang, you can absolutely find the best services for your trip.
  2. Festival International Fireworks
    Starting been held since 2008 with the participation of the International Fireworks from around the world, the festival has brought to the people of Da Nang and visitors’ spectacular performances, elaborate and monumental. Over the years, fireworks contest in Da Nang International has become one of the special cultural events not only of Da Nang city in Vietnam but also attracted the attention of numerous people throughout the country and international visitors. Beginning in 2013, the festival will also organize the annual cycle 2 in 1 time.
  3. City bridges
    Danang is not only known as a green city, clean, civilized, friendly and worth living, that there Danang Han River running in the heart of the city and the unique bridge spanning the river this.
    The most typical and not to mention the Han River swing bridge, the bridge is still turning in Vietnam only bring curiosity to the people and tourists to Da Nang. Newer, visitors can walk in Tran Thi Ly bridges with fiber sails are shaped LED light changes color nicely. Not far away was the Dragon with a specially designed as a dragon winding between the Han river, and can breathe fire sprinkler certainly brings excitement to the guests. Or a peaceful day, visitors can visit the Thuan Phuoc Bridge north across the sea watching the crossroads between the Han River and the Gulf of Da Nang, and feel the grandeur of nature.
  4. Headache for clothes
    For girls who want to travel to Da Nang, preparing the wool scarf and bikini is very ordinary. Swimsuits to go the My Khe Beach; Maxi dresses for windswept South River; and also, long sleeves when visiting temples and ancient town of Hoi An… It’s also not to mention the jacket and scarf with wool if the misty peaks Bana. Not when that travel to the city to be prepared many fashion styles such opposition. However, it was a very exciting and rewarding for us to explore.
  5. Property planet’s most beautiful beaches
    Danang lasted nearly 60km uninterrupted beaches with beautiful stretches from the foot of Hai Van Pass to Non Nuoc visitors cross known as one of rest, relaxation, beach area ideal Asia. Forbes Magazine – American Danang voted as the 6th most glamorous beach with beach planet Bahia – Brazil, Bondi – Australia, Castelo – Portugal, Las Minitas – Dominia, and the state of Hawaii Wailea U.S.
  6. Beg city not
    “No person wandering beggar” is one of five criteria Danang striving for years. Accordingly, the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs focused advocacy, encouraging the beggars back to local; Rectifying unsettled hawkers at tourist sites in the urban districts. Upon detection of beggars, hawkers of regulations, people tell local authorities; each be awarded 200,000 informers. These efforts of the government of Danang has created a beautiful urban landscape in the tourists and international friends. Although not officially recognized, but in the hearts of many who deserve Danang is the most livable city.
  7. Route cable multiple world record
    Ba Na cable car was built to replace the road is inherently dangerous. 86 new cables cabin is designed with openings, the velocity of 6m / s to help visitors experience the weather outside at a height of over 1,000 m cable during operation. From the foot of the mountain, visitors can reach the top of Ba Na in just 30 minutes and enjoy the entertainment services as well as tourism resort Ba Na Hills area.
    The cable reaches 4 world records, including: Longest: 5.801m; The biggest difference: 1.368m; General longest cable length: 11.587m; Heaviest cable: 141.24 tons. At the inauguration ceremony, representatives of Guinness organization have awarded accredited 4 record on the Ba Na Hills.
  8. Sculpture stone carving village of Non Nuoc
    Da Nang Non Nuoc stone village from a long, according to the elderly artisans in Non Nuoc stone village, craft manipulated Non Nuoc stone has nearly 200 years ago. In the Non Nuoc stone village, visitors will select the souvenirs have been excellent value and very sophisticated honed by the skilled artisans, from the tiny stone statues weighing up to tens of tons. In Vietnam there are many stone carving village tradition; but can say only Non Nuoc craft village at the foot of Ngu Hanh Son truly unique take this craft up close with the most visitors, and expanding the reputation from domestic to international friends.
  9. Culinary Center Central
    It would be flawed if not mentioned cuisine Da Nang in this article. Maybe, cuisine Da Nang not picky as Hanoi subtle, not diversity as Saigon, but it carries in its very own definition of the central cuisine. The signature dish of the central strip of sun and wind were present at Da Nang from fish noodles, fish noodles, spring rolls, Tre, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen wine -skins, wheat Quang, Cao Lau, Hoi An chicken rice until the Hue cakes fussy. You find it easy on the roads in Danang. And if given the chance, you should visit Con or Korean market, to explore the world snacks are hidden inside. At night, go to My Khe beach to mix with the fresh seafood dinner at the restaurants here.
  10. Museum of Cham Sculpture in Vietnam
    Museum of Cham Sculpture in Da Nang Museum of Cham artifacts on display scale in Vietnam, Da Nang Museum attached. This is due to the French museum building, specialized collection, storage and display of relics of sculptural art of the Cham kingdom found in the towers, ramparts Care in the South-Central coastal provinces from Ha Tinh to Binh Thuan provinces and the Central Highlands.

Source: Đặt khách sạn

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Travel to Vietnam

Travel to Vietnam

Vietnam is fast become one of the leading Asia Golf Destinations, there are now have 32 courses with coming up to 90 courses by year 2020, certain aspects of golf etiquette are unique and characteristic of a country that have special culture & customs. Vietnamese style is more relaxed when organizing things, and brings great joy to the golfer's it can also lead to great frustration for the holiday maker's, when in doubts, a simple and show of courtesy goes a long way to resolving any issues. 

The main Cities of Vietnam is Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) boast no less than eight golf course each. However, land prices in Hanoi & Saigon make it impractical to build golf resort style and hotel, therefore, a modern business hotel or renovated colonial style accommodation is the best choice for those traveling to the main city for golfing. 
Golfer from oversea generally stay in Hanoi City area or near Westlake, with multiple International standard hotel such as Calidas Royal Residence, Hanoi Hilton, Fortuna Hotel and JW Marriott Hanoi to be opening in September 2013. They are six courses open to visitors and driving times, ranges from Noi Bai International Airport to Heron Lake Golf Club & Hanoi Golf Club taken about 20 minutes, from town center take about two-hours’ drive to Chi Linh Star Golf, scenery ranges from an island and lake setting at King's Island and Sky Lake Golf Resort to spectacular limestone cliffs the surround the Phoenix Golf Resort.

Most foreigner's golfer will book Saigon golf tours stay in District 1 which is the physical and cultural center in Saigon city, here the visiting golfer will find parks, restaurants, hangout pub and shopping center the Saigon Riverfront, Vincom and much more... Saigon have seven golf courses open to visitor of which the best is Long Thanh Golf Resort, Vietnam Golf & Country Club, Twin Doves Golf and Song Be Golf Resort as well. In between the north and south, central of Vietnam Golf Coast have PGA standard Montgomerie Links and Danang Golf Club. The most feature beach in Nha Trang, along the waterfront famous with Diamond Bay and Vinpearl Golf Club. Mountaintop Da Lat Place makes for very nice stopover thanks to its near perfect year-round temperature its scenic beauty and the Da Lat New course Sacom Tuyen Lam. The Dalat Duparc Place Golf Club is all bent grass golf course located at 1500 meters above sea level is the oldest golf course in Vietnam.  

Da Nang is Vietnam's third largest city, and is located on the Eastern Sea coast, midway between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and the largest city of Central Vietnam. The city itself has neither the atmosphere of Hanoi nor the hustle-bustle of Ho Chi Minh City, but has its share of sights and is close to the charms of Hoi An and the imperial capital of Hue, making it a popular vacationing spot for those looking to explore the attractions of central Vietnam or soak up some rays while hanging out on the city's beaches.
Da Nang were founded by the Cham practicing Hindus most possibly 3000 years ago, serving as the capital city and center of the Hindu Champa Dynasty. Vietnamese invasion into the region in the 17th century significantly halted Cham development and during the Vietnam War, vast monuments and buildings were bombed. Given Danang was the first point of colonial invasion, many vestiges of French architecture are present in the historic buildings. The city has grown rapidly in recent years, and has a 2008 population estimated at 900,000. Until recently, this growth was mostly outward and infill, but now there are high-rises going up. There are many remnants of the "American War" leftover in Da Nang. Each bridge has a different builder, whether they be French, American, or Vietnamese. On the way to the popular tourist spot; China Beach, the ruins of a military base remain in the form of helicopter hangars, although these are now more easily spotted at the airport, which serves both civil and military flights.

Da Nang International Airport is the smallest of Vietnam's three international airports, but tourists can still use Vietnam e-visa or visa on arrival here. There are frequent flights to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City on both Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet Air, as well as domestic service between Buon Ma Thuot, Da Lat, Hai Phong, Nha Trang and Pleiku and internationally Guangzhou, Seoul-Incheon, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai-Pudong, Siem Reap, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo-Narita.

If you prefer the fresh air and fresh seafood, it's a great idea to have a walk along the street named Pham Van Dong. There are lots of seafood restaurants and seafood bars there. Get into a named restaurant, not the ones on the street side, to have safe and good quality seafood.
As drinking coffee is a part of Vietnamese culture, it's a good idea if you spend your time on drinking coffee there. Coffee in Vietnam, especially coffee in the middle of Vietnam, there are several kinds of coffee shop in Danang: Luxurious coffee shops, mid-class coffee shops and special coffee shops.

The hottest months of the year are June, July, and August, when the temperature can get to as high as 40 degrees Celsius, and it is generally very dry. There are usually tropical storms in October and November.
Attractive Place: Cham Museum, Marble Mountains, Ba Na Hill Station, Cham island & Linh Ung Buddhist Temple.

Nha Trang is Vietnam’s most famous seaside resort-town. It's livelier and more urban in character than other beach destinations like Mui Ne and Phu Quoc. It's also the scuba diving center of Vietnam. Traces of human settlement in Nha Trang date back to the Cham Empire, though in times of Vietnamese rule, there wasn’t much more than small fishing villages. The French recognized that this beautiful bay, with its islands and white sand beaches, made for a perfect bathing spot, and began the transformation into a resort town. American soldiers agreed, and Nha Trang became a favorite vacation stop during the war. 

The monsoon season is from October to mid-December. Sea winds can be heavy, and sometimes the weather can get pretty chilly. Summer, naturally, brings many vacation goers into town and hotel rooms get somewhat more difficult to find. As expected from a large resort town, Nha Trang has no shortage of eating options to suit all budgets, from Vietnamese-style informal pavement cafes on plastic chairs to high end restaurants. Nha Trang is famous throughout Vietnam for its seafood but also offers a broad range of Western cuisine. Staying in Nha Trang can range from luxury suites in five-star resorts and hotels to motels. There are quiet numerous options offered for everyone depending on the size of their pockets.
Flight in from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) or Hanoi to Cam Ranh Airport (CXR), built on the grounds of an old American airbase in 2004, is located 30km from the city and serves only domestic destinations.
Attractive Place: National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam, NhaTranglive, Alexandre Yersin Museum, Long Son Pagoda, Vinpearl la, Nha Trang Cathedral, Monkey Island, Po Nagar Cham Towers & Thanh Dien Khanh Fortress.

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Hanoi Capital and Sapa

Hanoi Capital and Sapa

Hanoi Capital
Geographic Information
Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam and located in South East Asia. Hanoi is also known as the ‘city of Lakes’ as it is located on the banks of the Red River in the center of northern Vietnam. The river is approximately 40 kilometers long in Hanoi City. There are many other the rivers that flow through the city, including Duong, Cau, Ca Lo, Day, Nhue, Tich, To Lich and Kim Nguu. Due to the vast number of rivers and lakes Hanoi can sometimes flood due to high rainfall.

Hanoi’s climate consists of four seasons:
•    February to April is the spring season, the weather is wet and light rain can be experienced
•    May to August is the Summer Season when temperatures reach as high as 40 degrees Celsius.  This season experiences a lot of rainfall also creating humidity. 
•    September to November is autumn.  At this time of year, the weather is dry but cool.  (recommended time for tourists to visit, due to comfortable climate)
•    December to January is winter, the climate is cold and dry the temperature can fall as low as 6 degrees Celsius.

Hotels in Hanoi 
You should book a hotel room in the Hanoi’s Old Quarter. There are many standard and luxury hotels with reasonable price here.

There are many attractions that draw tourists into the city of Hanoi. The capital is a combination of a busy, bustling city however has many tranquil and cultural highlights. 
Hoan Kiem Lake: lies in the Old Quarter district of the city.  Early in the morning locals can be seen doing T’ai Chi and during festival periods the lake is described to have a carnival like atmosphere. There are also many delightful cafes and restaurants which overlook the beautiful lake. 
The 18th century Ngoc Song Temple: is located in the middle of the lake; the temple can be accessed by crossing a bright red arched bridge. This temple is dedicated to the general Tan Hung Dao, who is the patron saint of doctors.
National Museum of Vietnamese History: Contains an excellent archeological collection including relics, statues, ceramics and sculptures
The Dong Xuan market:  the oldest and largest in Hanoi, is a great place for tourists to buy souvenirs, to bargain as well as observing the lively market atmosphere. 
Moon Festival: During the month of September at this time the moon is at its fullest, tourists can join locals by enjoying traditional dancing, lighting lanterns and tasting the tradition festival food known as the ‘moon cake’.
National Museum of Vietnamese History: Contains an excellent archeological collection including relics, statues, ceramics and sculptures.
Vietnam Museum of Ethnology: during weekends demonstrations, films, lectures and traditional games are held here.

Geographical information
350km North West of Hanoi is the calm and tranquil Sapa District; it is located in the Lao Cai Province which is close to the border with China. Scenic mountains overlook the district.  Sapa includes the highest mountain in Vietnam, called Fan Si Pan which is 3142 meters above sea level.  Due to the geographical location Sapa is the perfect place for flora and fauna to flourish, many unique plants and animals can be found in this region. Sapa also consists of paddy fields, waterfalls and beautiful landscapes which make this northern part of Vietnam a truly unforgettable experience.

•    Cool and fresh at every time of the year, however in January and February the temperature can drop below freezing.
•    Average temperature for Sapa is 15ºC, with a maximum of 29ºC.
•    The best time to visit Sapa is Early September to mid-December; this is when the weather is warmer during the day and cool at nigh

Hotels in Sapa
You can book a hotel room online or book a tour at any hotels in Hanoi.

Sapa village tribes: Members of the tribes wear beautiful headdresses and colorful embodied clothing. The tribes are isolated from the rest of Vietnam’s population, yet represent the countries rich traditions and culture.
Mount Fan Si Pan: is the highest peak in Vietnam; Tourists accompanied by a VV guide, can explore the mountain and take in the beautiful mountainous landscape boasting spectacular views.
Sapa Church: Built in 1930 the church and grounds are well-known by locals who want to share the mysterious stories that are linked with this church. The church is home to the tomb of a priest who was put to death due to confronting a monk for having a passionate affair with a Sap village girl.
Sapa bike tours: Includes a visit to the stunning Silver waterfall where travelers can relax and swim, as well as a local way of life experience at Black Hmong Village.

Source: Đặt khách sạn

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